Ear buds (electronic, You muppet 🙄)

I’m sure someone mentions wearing those ear bud (wireless) thingys to connect to their phone for directions, music etc…
How do you find them, I can’t help thinking they would be useful, but aright pain getting a full face on or off whilst wearing them :thinking:

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I don’t use them but was looking into noise-cancelling ear buds as an alternative to traditional ear plugs. The ability to connect to a phone for nav instructions would just be a side benefit for me.

I came to the conclusion though that it wasn’t really viable as they’re not really designed for motorcycle use - either the ear bud itself or the noise cancelling technology - so won’t really offer sufficient hearing protection from helmet noise. The good ones are also very expensive!

I’d be very interested to hear (pun intended) if anyone does use them successfully as I hate wearing ear plugs and view them as a necessary evil.

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I don’t use ear buds or the like but I can HIGHLY recommend that you get some professionally made, custom moulded ear defenders … something along the lines of these :-

I’m not specifically recommending this product or supplier - that’s just an example - but I AM recommending the approach, i.e. go to an audiologist, or specialist ear protection supplier and have a pair of ear defenders moulded.

Many years ago at a bike show I was drawn in to one of these suppliers who were exhibiting the moulded plugs - I’d already been using squishy foam ones for a while and had noticed the difference in comfort from them - but the moulded plugs were a next-level revelation! They can completely transform the comfort and safety of your ride and will, without doubt, be of huge benefit to your long term hearing health.

Hearing loss is one of those long term, gradual and irreversible conditions that is dramatically reduced and, in the longer term, minimised by good ear protection, and the best ear protection is custom moulded by professional suppliers.

My 10 penn’orth! :wink:


I have thought about noise cancelling buds, a friend uses them in work and says they work brilliantly. I would rather hear someones experience of wearing them under a helmet though. It could be a waist of money as its a completely different environment and not what they are designed for. Also its more stuff you need to charge and look after batteries which I can’t be bothered with. I remember touring with go-pros, intercoms, cameras etc. It was a massive pain in the ass keeping everything charged. I much prefer to keep things simple now when touring and enjoy the ride. I don’t think physically wearing them under a helmet would be an issue though as most lids have a space around the ear to install intercom speakers. I have wore my hearing aids under my helmet before. A snood pulled up over your ears helps with putting on and removing your helmet with anything in your ears.


Yes Andy, I fondly remember you throwing your tech around the kitchen in Bellingham :heart_eyes: