East Yorkshire and the coast

Another pleasant sunny day if a little on the nippy side at times.

Seaways for breakfast via Helmsley and Malton.

Nice Trident pulled up as I was leaving. 9000 miles from new, US import.

Quick stop at Flamborough Head

Through Filey and on to Scarborough and Oasis Cafe for a tea and cake stop


Very nice. I spent the day at Chester zoo, so no biking for me today :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice that they let you out… :kissing_heart:

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Your Guzzi looks great @stevelovatt

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Thank you - I’m very pleased with it.
Sadly the place I I bought it from closes this week, Jax Motorcycles in York.

Not a dealership but an independent motorcycle
sales and repair shop.

The owner is retiring and it’s been sold to a developer to build luxury apartments :rage:

Sad to see the independent bike workshops closing. The local bike workshop near me also closed this year and that was because the guy was retiring. I guess we are going to see more and more closing as there are not the kids coming through as bike mechanics. :cry:

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