ECU wanted

Might anyone have an ecu for a 2010 Tiger 1050 abs?


Hi Daniel, what is the issue with the ECU

Hey Rocker; I have another thread (FucÂŁ3d ECU) that explains a bit more.

In essence during a tuneECU remap the laptop died… The bike now won’t start… No life from the ECU.

We are looking at a “restore” function but a few issues at the moment…

Hi Daniel, the Tune ECU is different to the DealerTool, I know several people who have had issues with Tune ECU, the DealerTool only covers Triumph Motorcycles so any other make and owners need to look at alternatives. I am certain that you just can’t fit a second hand ECU as a replacement, you will need the corresponding immobiliser and ignition barrel with key/keys, the ECU is programmed to the keys and immobiliser, also you would also need to keep your original key for the locking fuel cap and seat catch, with the DealerTool it doesn’t alter any settings in the ECU, nor can it re map it. I hope you find a work around soon. Triumph have significantly improved their ECUs so it is getting more difficult to access the information for re mapping or recovery. REide safe all from an ageing Rocker.

Thanks Rocker!

All is resolved! I believe after some IT jiggery pokery it has “restored” and a new map installed.

Thank Christ for that! :sweat_smile:


That is great news, hope it all goes well.