EICMA,Milan Italy

Today I was at the International Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy. Some news from the well-known motorcycle manufacturers, but I was a little disappointed by the enormous quantity from Chinese motorcycle manufacturers. It’s not just about spare parts, technological innovations, but also bad copies of famous motorbikes, too many electric “things” but also lots of 2,3 and 4 wheel scooters which I don’t think will be successful here in Europe. BMW, Harley Davidson, Indian were not present. The Chinese stands mostly they were empty or with few visitors while famous houses were so crowded that it wasn’t even possible to take a decent photo. Some famous people were also present, but I would just like to underline multiple MX1 world champions, Antonio Cairoli and Moto GP rider Andrea Dovizioso. Lots of beautiful girls, lots of people, very expensive food, entry to the fair too expensive because it’s too overrated, parking to be reported. I think that in the next 4-5 years I’ll rather stay at home watching some documentary on the red ants of Panama or trying to learn how straighten the bananas with the rubber mallet. That’s all. Maybe some people liked it, but I didn’t.


You will never get a job on the show’s publicity department :grin:
Even the girl on the Aprilia looks bored :sleeping:

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That’s certainly some big names missing. I wonder whether it’s a market-led decision and/or the proximity of Motorcycle Live in the UK. Or just the cost charged by the organisers not being worth it. That’s happened with the games industry - some massive events has disappeared in recent years.

I’m not going old enough to remember it but I wonder whether the Chinese invasion is reminiscent of the Japanese arriving fifty-odd years ago. The Chinese do have history with making cheap copies and flooding the market.

Interesting that you say about the scooters; every Italian city seems to be filled with them. :slightly_smiling_face:

How much a ticket for EICMA?

I quite like that Guzzi Stevio. In fact I quite like most of what Guzzi is doing these days.

Was the Triumph stand any good?

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Italians are very traditionalist about their scooters. Vespa and Lambretta are historic brands. They cost 30% more than the Chinese ones but they prefer to drive Italians. It’s true that you see other scooters around but they are brands that have been present on the Italian market for more than 20 years. years, they are already known and tested brands. You don’t see the new ones around. Lately Benelli TRK502s have been coming along very well and I’m starting to see CF and Voge brands around because they have a certain aesthetic resemblance to the BMW GS but the engine is terrible, 500 cc and 650cc… but with only 45-47 horsepower. They heat up too much and make it difficult for two to go on mountain passes. Even on the motorway they aren’t great (7000 rpm at 110 km/h). But they’re cheap, it seems like around €6,000 to me. As for the entrance tickets to the show, it costs €19, and parking is €3.50 per hour, which is really a lot.

Cheaper than the UK’s ‘Motorcycle Live’ show next week which is £23 entrance, £11 parking (for the day).

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I won’t be going. It gets to be poorer value for money each year.

What everyone said about Japanese bikes in the late 60’s wonder what happened to them?