Emojis for posts?

Hiya…there only seems to be a heart/like emoji. Are there any more available…

Thanks, useful, agree etc?

Small fry compared to what you’ve done, which is great! Just something I noticed…


Yep, agreed here too. Be nice to have a few more do i don’t have loads of people think that we all love each other lots! :heart_eyes:

I’m just using phone ones now as when on TTF it wasn’t allowing to us them but only ones that could be used were the actual forum emojis which are rather limited

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I’ve been wondering about that one myself but busy elsewhere on the forum so haven’t looked in to it yet. I’ll check and pop it in to an FAQ somewhere; I’m sure the question will come up again.

I know what you mean @Tigcraft … But to just clarify, not the ones in the text itself… Like this :grin:

But the ‘kudos’ ones at the bottom, to “like, agree” a post. :hugs:

It’s not a biggy…just a “nice to have” if and when the dust settles. :smiley:

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I’ve done a big of digging and it is possible to enhance the reaction emojis using a plug-in. I’ll install it sometime this week. Watch out for the announcement.


I’m struggling to get my head around this!

What, emojis?

No, silly, an ACTIVE forum administrator! :laughing:


The ones you can select to react to someone’s post.

Right now it’s just a ‘like’ button. The plug-in will allow a selection. For example…

Screenshot 2022-05-17 at 09.23.43

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Hahahahaha … you took my post too literally, @Octoberon !!

I should have used quotation marks in the text as it was meant to sound like a conversation! It was also meant to signify a compliment and my personal appreciation of having an ACTIVE forum administrator. At last.

You’re doing a grand job - and that last post is more proof positive! :laughing:


I’m still on my first cup of coffee… :grin: