Esk Valley

All the sun seemed to be at the coast yesterday - strange wind direction, so headed up the Esk Valley to Whitby.

Picked a spot up at West Cliff rather than my usual outside the Whistle Stop Cafe. Found a cheeky space by Captain Cook and the whalebone arch. Actually, Scarborough council are pretty decent, you can park in a marked bay for free in their car parks.

Been to Whitby many times but never noticed this before, a memorial, in the form of a replica cottage destroyed in the bombardment of Whitby in December 1914. Complete with 11" shell in the living room.

I reckon the information board writer was a bit of a Clint Eastwood fan :grinning:

Scarborough, Whitby and Hartlepool were all shelled by the Imperial German Navy and whilst Hartlepool with its docks and shipyards was a legitimate target, the ships were engaged by the shore batteries causing some damage, the bombardment of holiday resorts caused outrage.


I wonder if he was feeling lucky, just before it happened.

“Remember Scarborough! Enlist Now”

Feffing hate that .

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