European Accident Recovery

Following an incident in Norway, where I realised that my “Complimentary” RAC membership is for breakdown only and not accident. I am looking for suggestions where to go for a realistic cover. I am travelling to Portugal next month and don’t want to be abandoned at the road side again. Anybody please?

I might be stupid, but if the bike is broken after an accident is it not a broken down and therefore should be covered?

Maybe it’s actually worth talking to the rac again and get a recommendation to can actually do the job?

Doesn’t sound stupid at all, just typical capitalist dodging liability whenever possible.

Looking at my insurance details, breakdown is covered but accident is not, can be added though!

Checked my RAC cover and it only includes breakdown and not accident.

Looks like I’ll have to sort out some extra cover before France in September.

Sorry to hear this @tallpaul, hope you are ok? What happened (or have you written it up somewhere)? It makes you wonder what they’d do if the breakdown caused an accident?

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Yes, checking my complementary cover I can see the option to add accident cover.

Mine will run out before I travel so I will look for a better option for European cover.

Tiger is almost two years old!

@DCS222 We were both unhurt, although I took a heavy hit to my right leg, no lasting injury. We stayed upright and thought we’d got away with it until the cloud of steam fogged up my visor! It was a shock and still really have no idea where the sheep came from, just saw it running away. The radiator was shoved back onto the engine which punched 3 holes into it. Plastics and ducting all fell into the road and a following camper van ran all over them and drove on without stopping to see if we were unhurt. (German plates). Coolant ran all down the road, which rammed it home to me that it was game over. Team MC in Bergen were brilliant in getting us back on the road by 14.30 next day.


Wow, I’m glad you’re both ok. You must have some skills to have kept it upright… hope you ordered lamb for the rest of the trip! :scream:


Lamb? in Norway? At their prices? :thinking:


Wow glad you are both ok.

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We do have sheep in Wales you know? Welsh tourist board bulletin.


I have taken out annual membership with “Start Rescue”

Having chatted with other bikers at various meetings recently, they come highly recommended based on response times and repair capability. £72 for their top UK/European recovery following accident and breakdown, beats RAC who wanted £68 just for my ride to Portugal next month. Goodbye RAC.


They also come top in the Which? customer survey.


I’m just coming to renewal. RAC are expensive and didn’t do so great a job for me or my son on breakdowns this year. The massively lower price I’ve just been quoted is food for thought, at the very least. :slightly_smiling_face: