Event Calendar User Guide

The Event Calendar can be found in the sub-category Event Calendar in the Events category.

The calendar has three views - Month, Week and List (Agenda). Anyone who’s used a web-based calendar shouldn’t have any problem using this one.

The Event Calendar is populated by adding replies to the topic that has the calendar as the first post. It’s not possible to create new topics in this category; only replies to the event calendar topic are permitted. Dscussions about events can be posted in the relevant sub-category under Events.

To add an event:

  • create a new reply tin the Event Calendar topic
  • add a short title on the first line - this will appear in the calendar
  • use the ‘insert date/time’ button to add the start and end date of the event
  • add a URL for the event (if there is one)

Your reply should look something like this:

Newark Classic Bike Show

[date-range from=2023-01-07 to=2023-01-08 timezone="Europe/London"]


Each event must be posted as a separate reply. The calendar interprets two dates in a post as a start and ebd dates, so it will look like your event goes on for days or weeks.

Clicking on an entry in the calendar will jump to the reply that created it, so if you’re looking for more information it’s easy to find.

A description of the event can be added under the standard lines above, particularly if there isn’t a link to an event page on the web. Alternatively you can include a picture or screenshot with event details.

New events will appear in the calendar the next time the page is reloaded or the topic is opened.

It’s currently a limitation that dates appear on the calendar in US format only. Beware when using the Week view in particular.