First outing of 2024

A Triumph, a Honda and a BMW roll in to a car park. Not a joke but the first run of the year. Joined by a Royal Enfield and a Yamaha, six of us in total (including @Towner92 and @Tigcraft of this parish) hit the road for a lap of Derbyshire. Yondermann’s cafe was our halfway destination for the essential Sunday fry-up.

First run out of the year for me and the first on the Sprint GT, which has been lazing about in the garage since riding it home from the dealer last October.

Weather very favourable for January. Mild if a bit damp in places. The cafe was predictably busy. Lots of bikers parked up with the same idea as us and more in the roads.

It was good to be back out on two wheels. The Sprint is a different animal to the MV but civilised, comfortable and easy to ride. I’m looking forward to putting many more miles on it this year.


Was nice to have a lazy January start by pulling out the long grass from the exhaust and gently waking up the bike!! Probably would have left it till feb if it wasn’t for Saul kicking me!! The
cheated (cheat + heated) inner jacket worked well although I had it working on low. Checked the oil before I came out, wiped the overspray and sawdust off, noseyd the fuel in the tank and set off late as usual, oh handled like a sloppy pig :pig_nose: as I forgot to check tyre pressures!!


Pic 2 is Gary Jay on his tiger who has been a forum member since hour one but not ever posted anything as he’s shy!! Wouldn’t believe it he’s an ex loud opinionated deeeee Jay and serious biker though!!!


Tiger looks like a kitten to you Gary! Hope you had a great time everyone

Sounds like a good day out was had by all!

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@Octoberon The biggest discovery was forgotten Saul!! Where we parked up were a brand new pair of triumph 400 reversed up to the fence so you couldn’t see the trade plates they were carrying!! Although we never spotted the riders…


Sounds like a good run out. @Octoberon (Saul) be interested in you view on the Sprint :slightly_smiling_face:

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It wasn’t quite such a discovery for me as I’ve already had a good look around the new 400’s. first time seen in the wild, though.

This was me getting back in the saddle so wasn’t focussing so much on the bike but I will give it more thought next time out.


First time out for the Guzzi since last October.
Roads are bone dry for once but rain due tomorrow and snow forecast for Thursday!
Started first time, warmed up nicely and ran well - very pleased.


That is a lovely looking bike. I do love the look of those Guzzi v twin engines.

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Thanks - yes they certainly have character!
Relatively un-tempremental for an Italian :grimacing:


It will punish you for that :slight_smile:

Guaranteed! :laughing:

Took an 850 V7 out before I made my purchase choice. I liked it as it had real soul but glad I got my 9T