For the conspiracy theorists

Check out this article UK to test nationwide emergency alert next month — here's how it will look - upday News

Personally, I’ll be looking for the opt-out. Its says its one way data, and I know the government wouldn’t lie to us :thinking:


I can forsee all kinds of unforseen problems with this. However, I think the main benefit will be the ability to warn people that they may be offended, thereby avoiding thousands of 999 calls and millions of lost working days.

We’ve got that already - it’s mostly annoying.

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I found a whole now saftey and emergency category in my settings. It included a wireless emergency alerts setting wich is now turned off :grinning:

Yep, turned it :sweat_smile:off too!

More crap in the campaign to frighten people into thinking the sky is falling. Pathetic and intrusive.


Also seen something about calls to pause AI development. Apparently its geeting smarter than us at a rate we cant catch up to and nobody actually knows what it will lead to.

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It might stop women from tattooing the smalls of their backs in order to be different…:smirk:. Not forced to be an entirely bad thing :smile:

A bunch of people, including Musk, Wozniak and some other big names from the tech world signed a letter:

“AI labs and independent experts should use this pause to jointly develop and implement a set of shared safety protocols for advanced AI design and development that are rigorously audited and overseen by independent outside experts,”

Italy has banned ChatGTT on privacy grounds. The UK is taking a ‘light touch’ approach to legislation compared to the EU. Which, as we know, worked so well for the banking industry.

Bing search engine uses AI and I asked it about this subject. It told me that saftey algorithms were futile :rofl:

We have been warned

I’ve found an app entitled Emergency Alerts. There is no option to remove it. So, I guess, on the test day, I’ll just let it run to the annoyance of those around me, which may be in a place of worship, a theatre, a pub, who knows?

Oliver Dowden? Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster? Which century have you travelled from? FFS.

The notifications can be turned off. If you have an iPhone go into settings->notifications. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see see the enable/disable buttons. I presume there’s something similar on Android.

It’s not just the nuisance factor that makes it important to be able to mute the alerts. For example, there are vulnerable women in this country who have secret phones. Imagine what would happen if their abuser suddenly heard it making a noise.

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Android version…

The safety and emergency is a whole new category that came in an update.

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Or, heaven forbid, vibrated uncontrollably…

Android for me and those options are not visible, but thanks.

Found it in Advanced Features. Sneaky…

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Settings on my Xiaomi Android phone leads to Safety and Emergency, which leads to Crisis Alerts, to receive which you have to specifically sign in, so the phone’s default position for alerts is evidently ‘off’ unless you activate it. So much for the propaganda about the wicked Chinese spying on us all the time…

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In the first Terminator, (set in 1984) when Sarah Connor tells Kyle Reese that Terminators aren’t possible with the technology at the time, Kyle says they won’t be for “another 40 years”. By that statement, the future would be in 2024

Coincides nicely with the debate on AI.