Forum Graphics and Logos - Any Artists Out There?

Some of the ideas I have for establishing and expanding the forum requires it to have a clear identify. In otherwords, branding. Because we’re primarily about Triumph motorcycles there’s obviously a theme. What we don’t want is to tread on the toes of Triumph’s trademarks or copyrights. Just what we can and can’t do with Triumph’s logos etc is unclear to me at this time. I have contacted them about it and await a reply.

In the meantime, and the more I consider this the more I think it is probably a better idea, we can create our own identity - brand logos, that sort of thing. The problem is, I have absolutely no artistic skills whatsoever! So this is a call to anyone who can, or who knows someone who can, design and draw something we could use. Ideally we’d get a selection of ideas and put it to the community to choose the winner but let’s see if we get anything first!

All attempts, suggestions and ideas welcome. PM me if necessary, I’m looking to do this at low or no cost as the forum doesn’t generate any profit we can use at this time.