Forum Restructure

As any motorcycle manufacturer will tell you, there’s always room for improvement. The same goes for motorcycle forums.

After seeing this place in action for nearly two years and listening to feedback, it’s time to give it a tweak. The idea is to subsume some of the existing sub-categories in to broader categories, making the forum simpler to navigate. So, for example, there’s currently a sub-category for each Triumph model. In future they’ll be group based on the type of motorcycle instead.

If you’re a Regular you may remember me providing a preview of the revised, simplified structure to the forum categories towards the end of last year. I was planning to get this done over the holidays but best laid plans and all that.

There’s no quick or easy way to reconfigure the forum, and I didn’t want to take it offline, so it’ll be like roadworks for a few days - a bit disruptive as the cones are moved about but you’ll still be able to complete your journey. Many existing posts will be re-homed - nothing will be removed or lost.

Here’s the broad thinking behind the new structure and the revised categories/sub-categories. All will have an ‘About’ description to help people understand the content.

Subject: Anything to do with Triumph motorcycles.

Main category for general Triumph chat; sub-categories split into eras and styles rather than specific models. One category for anything that isn’t a Triumph.

  • Triumph Motorcycles
    • Roadsters
    • Modern Classics
    • Adventure
    • Classic
    • Vintage
    • Sports Tourers
    • EV
  • Other Motorcycles

Subject: Anything to do with riding motorcycles.

Main category open for general chat. A few sub-categories for specifics that make a good read.

  • Motorcycling
    • Rideouts & Holidays
    • Training & Skills
    • Charities
    • Great Places*

*Content to go along with the ‘Places to Go’ map.

Subject: Anything to do with working on motorcycles

Servicing, fixing, building, customising, general advice and help.

  • The Workshop

Subject: Activities and things to do

Main category open to general event chat. Sub-categories for particular event types.

  • Events
    • Meets
    • Shows
  • Events Calendar
  • Competitions*

*Special competition categories created for specific events and closed afterwards.

Subject: Things you put on people and things you put on bikes (except people).

Clothing, helmets, boots, etc. Luggage, satnavs, cameras, etc,

  • Rider Gear
  • Bike Gear

Subject: Private sales and purchases. Dealers and workshop reviews/recommendations.

  • For Sale
  • Wanted
  • Trade

Subject: Everthing to do with motorcycle sports

Championships, races, racers, history, experiences, memories etc.

  • Motorcycle Sport

Subject: Off-topic (not motorcycle related) posts and special areas.

  • Biker’s Cafe (Speakeasy)
  • New Members
  • The Clubhouse*
  • Pony Express**

*Open to Regulars (trust level 3) only.
**Special group for Members (Trust Level 2) who volunteer to be part of the TMF courier network.

Subject: Anything to do with the forum itself.

  • Forum Business
  • Help & FAQs (read only)
  • News & Announcements

Feeback and questions welcome, as always.


Can you take the traffic lights down every night please?..

A bit later than planned but the changes above will be rolling out from today, starting with the Triumph category.

While posts are being migrated to their new homes you’ll still be able to reply in the old sub-categories but you won’t be able to create any new threads there.

Reorganisation of the Triumph Motorcycles area is complete. The top category is now open for general Triumph stuff. Comments, corrections and feedback to the usual address…

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