Forum Upgraded

The forum’s been updated to the latest verson today. New in this version that may be of interest:

Push Notificatons

If you’re using MacOS Ventura there’s now support for push notifications. This may be available on iPhones and iPads later this year depending on what Apple puts in the updates on those devices.

Insert date/time improvements

When you add a date/time to a post it will now display in the local timezone for someone else reading it. For example, the following was entered as Sunday 10th March 17:00 GMT.


Clicking on the date/time will show it in all the timezones available on the forum. If yours isn’t listed, tell @Octoberon to have it added.

If you’re into your keyboard shortcuts, here’s the quick way to add a date/time.

  • On Windows/Linux: Ctrl + Shift + .
  • On macOS: + Shift + .

Other Stuff

A number of security updates, bug fixes, and some optimisations for the search function have also gone in with this versioon.