Fruit n veg

How do, our European counterparts?

Just a quick question if you don’t mind? What’s your fresh fruit and vegetable situation like over there? Struggling for supply, or over-burdened with a glut of produce?

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All readily available here in NL.


Wonder why? :wink:

That’s actually a photo of Sweden and their flat-pac tower blocks! :thinking:

There’s plenty in our local Sainsburys near Reading sur mer. :grin:

Couldn’t tell you what it’s like in the local supermarkets here as I haven’t been in one recenty but I did skip through some twitter feeds looking for evidence from other countries. I didn’t find any that said they had a shortage in their country as well.

It’s another government smoke screen to take our eyes off the illegals coming across the channel.

Daily Mail citation required. :wink:

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I don’t know what you mean?

The tabloid fuss about dinghies is to divert our attention from the superyachts.

…and that’s just to divert our attention from that well known anagram of clusterfuck, Brexit. Looking on the bright side, l have a lovely blue, or black, passport. I will be using it next month to fly to Spain, where l fully expect to have a large salad containing tomatoes in the sunshine on my terrace. More than once, l’d imagine :wink::sunglasses: