FXWG 1979/1980 ish

L1A2 ammo box frame made up and bolted on

Kustom Tech controls (how much!!!) looking pretty with Biltwell grips looking all rather nice

Tank welding done and mounted on top hat inserts into frame. And decided (eventually after many many teas and temporarily holding number plates/cut out cardboard/mudguards) for a shorty mudguard and a side mounted numberplate. I usually dislike a side mounted plate but these are quite wide (probably why they are called wide glides) and I’m going for a 7 by 5 vertical plate. (Another reason not to go to Wales).

Thankee and over… :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d have thought it would be in it’s element in the 20mph zones :rofl:

@Iron you do a lot of good interesting work, you’re obviously a perfectionist and you’ve got good skills but somehow I just can’t get exited by a bike with ape hangers. :smiling_face:

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Yes, different things in different eyes.
An Indian Larry knuckle or pan along with the apes? please…
A new Triumph? no chance…
A two stroke? pffft…
A suicide clutch? maybe…

Yes a sense of adventure, is what it’s about, pull a few levers and see what actually happens

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Now I’m not sure if I posted this on here before (probably have) but this is the prehistoric adventure I like…


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I’ve seen it before, probably your posting, but I think I’m heading that way.
Probably not a Lister type but really tempted with an ‘older/ancient’ bike engine that I can build something around.
I’ll be looking at them again tomorrow at the Autojumble (there’s always a fair few there for sale).
Not just yet though, there’s a few road bikes to build and sell first.

Yes I know what you mean about building and selling, just looked at two of mine in storage yesterday and thinking shall I?

Sorry about the crap pics. I just cut n pasted and lost all background

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Lol, I’ve looked at them but have absolutely no idea what they are - other than motorcycles and what they say they are on the tank. I wouldn’t know where to start. They are to me like the ape hangers are to you. :laughing:
Enjoy, all power to your elbow…

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