Gasket connundrum

2010 Triumph Tiger 1050 non sport.

Hey all…it’s been a while…but am back in the hood. Hope everyone is well!

So, I have carried out the clutch pin upgrade in my bike…all going according to plan…

I ordered from Fowlers item T1269999 as this is one of the gaskets I need to replace, and is the detailed part number for my bike.

However, it doesn’t bloomin fit!

But, it turns out that T1261104 is the gasket I need.

I will order that gasket instead…or can I just use a piece of cardboard!?

What’s happened that I need a different gasket!? Do I have a different engine!?

Any thoughts welcome…

ps…it’s nice to be back…


Hi and welcome back. Sorry can’t help with your gasket query, but I’m sure someone will be along to assist.

Thanks @Wessa.

It’s no biggy I guess… Really I’m just curious…

You could get some gasket paper and make your own.


To reach the clutch you need the 3 gaskets to be changed. I ordered a full set for 30 euros.
Ordered from a french reseller, but sure you can probably find a similar item in uk.
All Tiger 1050 share the same set (version C)

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According to WoT it was the late vins that has the advertised gasket, and mines a little earlier hence the difference.

All received and put back together.

Has the grooved pin upgrade made a difference… :man_shrugging:

Turns out I need a new cable now as well, so perhaps time will tell!

Thanks y’all!

I followed the same way, grooved pin + new cable. I ordered one from venhill (uk) to have a litlle extra length because of my bar raisers.
Very smooth cable (teflon coating).

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I gone for “slinky glide”.

I have had Venhill before - I got all new cables and also braided brake hoses…was very pleased.

That sounds like something you buy at Ann Summers.

Oooh…I’ll check my loyalty discount vouchers!

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And as a good foreigner, I googled Ann Summers hoping to find some bargain on motorcycle stuff :laughing:


Leathers and lube…but no cables.