Genuine garage find

When talking to a very dear work colleague, the subject of her father’s motorbike collection came up. A proper home garage mechanic dude who sadly passed way about 15 years ago… due to a bit of acrimonious jibbi-jobby, the bikes were left pretty much untouched. The jibbi-jobby is settled pretty much and the daughter (my mate) has got access. I asked if I could poke my nose around before they go for auction. 2 hours later, I have to tear myself away… but I did get some pics for you to look at… but only if you want to!!!

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Some very valuable bikes there!!

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Probably is, there’s Rickman in bits, I think on old Bonny in bits… a trident, (my favourite is the little 250 trophy) I think a bantam, a Beezer 250 Star Fire (again, rather nice), a Matchless and a couple of Gold Stars (I fink)
And probably a bike or two of bits ligging about.
Never seen such an untouched treasure trove before (still sporting a woody now) if any one is interested, I can let you know the auction dates when it happens… but all bikes will need a full recommissioning, there’s no ride away option here.


Some REALLY nice stuff there - especially the Rickman Metisse frame and bits. I assume the T100SS motor was either in it or destined for it - great combo!!

I don’t, personally, think it’s “gold mine” type stuff and the acrimony has only served to devalue a lot of it, I reckon - that Mk 1 Trident being an obvious example. Nice to see, though. I assume you’ll let us know what happens to it all and whether it goes up on the open market.


Yeah, there’s no Hesketh or Shadow variant, but the value will be to the new owners who take time and effort to bring them back to life.
Is my recollection any good here @AdieP? Didn’t you have a Trident in your illustrious history? Sorry if I’m having a Biden… :zipper_mouth_face:
I will definitely put out the date and venue when I know it.


Fake news! oh no I’m having a Trump.


@DCS222 I currently own a few Tridents - a T160 and 3 early Hinckleys - one of which I’ve owned from new in 1992 - so your recollection is all good. I also have a 1969 A75 BSA Rocket 3. Add to that little lot a 1992 Daytona 750; two 900 Speed Triples, a Thunderbird Sport (plus a couple of T300 ‘mis-buys’ - Daytona and Sprint Exec) and you will see that I have a thing for Triumph triples - even the more ‘modern’ as I have a 2010 675 Street Triple and 'er indoors has a 2009!