Goodwood Festival of Speed Experiences

Has anyone been to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in years gone by? Just wondering what ticket/package you may have bought and any advice on what’s worth doing or otherwise - grandstands etc.

Some years since I’ve been and it was expensive. The last time I bought “Roving Tickets” for the grandstands. No seat reservation but enetered any of the Grandstands and they are a very welcome sit down away from the hoi polloi as it gets really crowded watching the climbs.
Go for the stand on the bend with the wall as the drivers get windy and pile million pound racecars into the haybails opposite.
Really great place to visit some really outstanding machinery. If you queue you can have a go in whatever 4 wheel race cars they’ve got going round the mud tracks.
I actually prefer the revival weekends as there’s vintage racers bombing round the track (the motorcycle racers have to wear all black), you get to dress up like a mechanic (I just wear my normal clothes) and there’s Spitfires and P51s to watch.
Go, it’s great :slightly_smiling_face:

I was thinking about the roving grandstand tickets; that’s what set me off with my original question. There are some very expensive options (£77 per person for lunch - ouch!) and it’s hard to know what’s worth paying for.

I got an email from Goodwood about the FoS today fired up their website for a gander. I would also like to do the Revival, it does sound like a good day out.