Got the surprise of my life yesterday

Gets an email from my dealer yesterday about a Honda recall. Yes you heard it right a recall notice for a Honda. Recalls for Triumphs, yes but Honda OMG.
Apparently the electronic steering lock on Forza 750s sometimes won’t unlock, which is less than ideal especially if you are miles from home. I’m not riding in the winter so the fix will have to wait till the spring.


Do you use the steering lock when your out?
I haven’t been out for 6 weeks or so in fact I’m out of MOT atm. But. I just bought some heated gloves, so looking forward to getting out.

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Yes, I always use the lock. On this bike it’s the only security I use.

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japanese make do recall when necessary.
They still apply the culture of “omotenashi”.
On my japanese car had 2 recall (a total of 4 invisible little mods) on stuff others brands would never recall.


You are absolutely correct. I couldn’t find the recall notice on Hondas recall website so I contacted the dealer who told me that for these non dangerous type of recalls they are processed a different way and not via this website.