Greater London MAG on the warpath over Islington parking charges

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News from the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG)

Greater London MAG on the warpath over Islington parking charges

Greater London MAG is set to meet Islington Council to oppose more
motorcycle parking charges. Unannounced charges were rolled out in
early February with no prior engagement or consultation with riders.

Islington Borough Council rolled out a new £1 charge for motorcycles
parking in the borough’s motorcycle bays in early February.

The council claims that they didn’t need to consult because it was a
change to existing charges. This is not true; previously it was free to
park in bays in Islington. If you wanted to park outside of the bays
you had to buy a resident’s permit. No changes have been made to the
residents permit but a new charge of £1 a day for the bays has been

The council did not publicize their intention to charge: instead, they
buried the decision in a 300-page document on the council’s general
finances. Motorcycle representative organisations were not contacted
about a consultation. When Hackney consulted on their parking charges
they received thousands of responses. Islington has confirmed that
there were no responses to their process.

GL MAG and Save London Motorcycling have already persuaded the council
to rectify one flaw in the policy. Residents with motorcycles couldn’t
use their passes in the bays and were unable to make block bookings for
more than one day. This meant that a resident would have been paying
£365 a year and having to get up before 8am every day to book a new
parking session. GL MAG got Islington to back down and allow residents
to use their passes, but MAG is arguing that this is a totally
unacceptable way to treat their resident motorcyclists and people who
ride to work in the borough.

Further issues with the poorly handled roll-out saw MAG asking for the
roll-out to be paused, but the council refused, and is delaying dealing
with the issues raised.

A GL MAG spokesman said:

“This is a clear attempt by the council to bypass democratic scrutiny.
They have seen what happened in Hackney and wanted to avoid the uproar.
This is a sign that our campaigning is working, but we need to be on the
lookout for other councils doing the same. Cock-up or conspiracy?
Either way it’s a totally unacceptable way for a democratic organisation
to behave, and it goes against all democratic norms. No other council
has taken such an underhand approach”

Local MAG reps are working hard to try and engage with the council to
get them to listen. A meeting with the Council is now scheduled for
27th March.

Contact MAG at 01926 844 064 or
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