Grosmont Station

Sunny day and probably the last before it rains. Only about 7 degrees so not exactly warm but I’ll take it.

Was heading for Whitby but decided to turn off down to Grosmont for lunch at the station cafe.

Just leaving, the 13.30 to Whitby.
Not visited the engine sheds before - warning, naked steam locomotive :joy:

Came back via Rosedale Abbey along a road I’ve not ridden before. No cars just a few sheep.

Had to run up and down Rosedale Chimney Bank (it was closed last time I was here as it was winter).

The old kilns near the ironstone quarry - the actual pump house chimney was demolished in 1972 but it’s still referred to as chimney bank.

One of the steepest roads in England at 1 in 3 but had to stop for a cheeky pic on the way down :sunglasses:



Thats class! :smiley:


What a grand ride, Steve. And your Guzzi looks lovely: what handsome bikes they are. If I didn’t already have my V50, I would be very tempted to add a V7 to my stable.

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Thank you, when I went to pick up my V7 they had a V50 for sale as well. Almost changed my m8ndcand bouhht it :grimacing:

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I love the old steam trains, there is something about the noise and the smell that invokes so many memories from when I was a lad.

Brilliant set of pictures and the story to go with them. :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s something about that train in the first picture, it looks very much like Thomas don’t you think ?


Possibly Henry :sunglasses:


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Gordon was in the shed that day.

Wasn’t he bricked up for being a “very naughty engine?” :rofl: