Harley and Davidson

I loved that helmet but it broke and had to go

These days I look more like a mushroom :slightly_smiling_face:


I rode a shield n’ bar once… I rather enjoyed it… I have have ridden worse!

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A couple of Ironheads parked up at Krispy Kreme’s the other week.

What is it with leaving helmets and kit hanging on bikes these days?

Note the very high highway pegs :slightly_smiling_face:


Perhaps Krispy Kreme has a dress code.

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Ermmmmmm … is it my failing eyesight? Or a trick question? I don’t see any highway pegs on either bike - just the mid- controls. :upside_down_face:

Belay that last …

just spotted the fold down pegs on the leftmost machine …


Must admit if my bike is in clear view I often leave my kit on the bike, rather than carrying it and cluttering up the table when my brew comes. :grinning:.

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I’m too paranoid to do that. I wn’t leave my key in the bike when I’m paying for fuel, even if I can see it. You just never know if some oik will snatch and run.

I don’t leave my key in the bike when I leave it either.

Mine and Mrs Mouse’s jackets and helmets on bike :wink: (My riding jeans are in panniers :slight_smile: )

This is at Whitby last Thursday and I have a cable lock threaded through jacket sleeves and helmets. I’m not suffering a sunny beach in riding gear :slight_smile: