Harley Davidson marketing list

I received a marketing email this morning from HD to test ride a Pan American 1250 and get entered for a prize!

I have no idea how I would get on an HD mailing list, I assume someone must have sold them my email address, I’ve certainly never enquired about a Harley and happen to think the Pan American is hideous. I currently own a Tiger 900 so there is some synergy here but I’ve no idea how these work or how they would know that.

I pressed unsubscribe.

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They certainly didn’t get it from here! Email addresses are hidden.

I get marketing emails to my work address and I never use that anywhere online other than where it’s already used for partner services like Zoom or Microsoft.

I never thought that might be the case. I did wonder whether the DVLA sells details but have no idea whether they would have my email address.

I assume Triumph wouldn’t sell their customer database to a competitor!

I wasn’t taking it personally but it never hurts to let people know that we dont go in for that sort of shenanigans. :smile:

It’s quite a mystery how the these things get around. A lot of companies say in their privacy policy that they don’t share or sell customer information (not sure about Triumph specifically) yet the email addresses somehow make it in to the wild.

In the early 2000’s I had an ISP that allowed anything before the @ on my address domain. For a long time I’d use that receiving company’s name so if I saw that address used by someone else I’d know where it came from. Never got a bite back then. It may be different now.

It is a bit weird as it seems well targeted. It specifically invites me to test ride their adventure bike and I am an adventure bike owner and I don’t believe in coincidence :grinning:

I was just curious how they knew to target me and have my email address.

The NEC Motorcycle Live show is where many get email addresses.


I do that with my self hosted email server. Over the years I’ve not really noticed any specifically targetted marketing coming to those addresses, just a couple started receiving generic spam so I assume those companies have been hacked or otherwise lax in guarding customer data. Oh, and the odd case where a company gets taken over by another and the new owner starts trying to sell me their stuff. Having a different email for each company makes blocking all these cases easier.

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I’ve noticed that when you want to buy, say, a new fridge, look at a few on the internet, and then buy one online, you get bombarded with adverts for fridges for the next few weeks. How many fridges do they think you need, for god’s sake?
I’d better not start looking online at Francis-Barnetts…

Knowing hardly movingson, the unsuscribe button probably didn’t work and was broken…

Tracking cookies and various other methods are the bane of the internet. The intrusiveness and difficulty in preventing the likes of Facebook (Meta) etc from minding their own business is very annoying. Most people give up or give in.

True. I’m still regretting having looked at inflatable dolls for a friend’s wedding. Now my wife is looking strangely at me every time she uses the family computer.

For a “friend wedding” - yeah, right…… :laughing:

Turns out you are absolutely right. I received another one from HD today :roll_eyes:

Edited to add….
I just read what it actually said…
“ If you thought you were out of luck with the last email containing a broken link, apologies, that’s on us. The link is now fixed, and there’s still plenty of time to enter the competition.”

Even the original link was broken :laughing: