Having a trip in sorrento…

Blimey there’s nutters then there’s NUTTERS. Most of the vehicles here are Vespa scooters, Honda scooters and a mixture of spurious, few bikes, and a good mix of ‘real’ Fiat 500s from the 60s and ‘Apes’……

Those are a picture from a veteran high speed maniac and wife walking away in his 70s!!

Then there’s always room for one (or Ten) of these


Smashing, I rode through there a few years back, Amalfi coast is gorgeous, if you get a chance, catch a boat down to Positano and Pompei is a cheap train ride away too :+1:

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Did Capri and surrounding stuff years ago. I’d like to ride there but the furthest I’ve done in Italy is Chioggia just down from Venice and that was good

Chioggia 2015,

The ship had a bit of a thumping!!


The captain must own that red car from above

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