Headset 1-0-1

Would anyone mind giving me a quick headset 1-0-1 as I’m finding it harder than I’m sure it is to understand what I need, or how it works…

I want to be able to chat to my pilion. I also want to be able to chat to a fellow rider (not at the ame time). Either pillion…OR other rider…

I am seeing various expensive SENA headsets, downwards…and I think I get that there’s a thing ON my helmet and that cables to the ear pads and a mic in each helmet…

But, then what?

Are me and the other person simply telephoning each other and having a phone call to each other for the duration of the ride? Is it that simple? Or is the actual headset/s making the connection to each other…?

Im ever so confused!!!

TIA xx

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Hey Daniel,

The rider-to-rider and rider-to-pillion generally uses Bluetooth, so you would pair headsets like you pair your phone with say a Bluetooth speaker, your car and modern bikes. I use a Sena 50R stick on and when riding with my mates we can either use just Bluetooth or some intercom headsets support Mesh but let’s not confuse things and stick with plain old Bluetooth for now :wink:

When riding out with just one other mate we tend to get a good range but it is generally line of sight, so if you lose visibility of each other your connection will drop BUT most headsets will resume connectivity when you regroup. Riding with a pillion is rarely interrupted unless you have your phone connected as well and receive a call.

I would feel lost without mine now and still use it when riding solo for phone calls and listening to music (Hey Google, play Foo Fighters on Spotify). :metal:

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Thank you Geoff… But, is it the two headsets communicating, or is it that you are in effect telephoning each other?

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The 2 headsets communicate via Bluetooth, no telephoning involved for normal intercom usage.

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I see! Thank you!! That’s really scratched an itch :blush:

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Have you tried shouting?

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I have certainly considered it! What I partly planned…is my 16yr old is about to do his CBT…I thought it may be nice for us to ride out together sometimes and chat…

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Im sure you’ve had plenty of shouting practice, teenagers…yuck :wink:

Been using Bluetooth intercoms for years between me and SWMBO. Bike to bike and obviously works just the same when she’s on pillion duty, should be ideal for what you’re looking for. If you’re not too tech savvy might be worth buying from a local bike shop and getting them to fit and pair them up. Not cheap when buying a pair so reasonable to get the service from them. I’ve used Cardo in the past and Sena at present, not much to chose between them IMO.
I second Geoff’s comments. :+1:

Bean cans and string is a possibility, but keeping the string tight for a new CBT rider might be a challenge. :rofl:


Yes i got my sena from Infinity and they fitted and set mine up to pair with my mates and we chit chat all the time. If i need a call i just say phone home which is stored in the memory.