Heavy clutch (2010 Tiger 1050)

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The clutch has always been heavy on my 2010 Tiger 1050.

Have come across the Accossato Clutch lever that is supposed to lighten the clutch pull at the lever.

Any thoughts or opinions on this item?


Can’t change the laws of physics, if the lever ratio is the same as factory then so will be the force required. If they’ve changed the ratio for a lighter force then you will have less travel at the clutch plates. Seeing the 1050 is known for being susceptible to clutch drag that would be a bad idea. May be they’ve moved the pivot point out to compensate with a bigger span, that’s ok if you have big enough hands.
I seem to remember you’ve already attended to the clutch plates, did you update the actuator pin to the latest Triumph update? (Oil groves added for lubrication)

Obviously keep the lever pivot pin lubricated, but the major friction source will be the cable so make sure that’s in top condition (and routed with no sharp bends). There may be a low friction alternative available?

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Or the alternative, you could try modifying the human. Try one of these
Try modifying your grip on the lever, the further from the pivot pin the less force you’ll need. :+1:

Genuine high quality Venhill ‘Featherlight’ clutch cable including marine grade stainless steel inner wire and PFTE (Teflon) liner for super low friction smooth operation.

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Thanks @Col_C all useful insights…

I am not sure I understand about the physics bit … My contact with a supplier of the new lever says that it should affect clutch engagement (or disengagement).

I have overhauled the clutch as you rightly remember, but not upgraded the pin…although it is in my list. While this will/may help with gear shift indint think it will ease clutch lever action, unless in mistaken?

I have a Venhill cable and it’s great, but I don’t feel that it is the issue …

I will continue to mull…

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Anyone have any experience of these…

I did, I upgraded with that lifter. But that makes no change to the lever force, just avoid the sticky clutch.
I also upgraded the clutch cable with a Venhill featherlift. That cable works very well.
To really reduce the force at lever, no miracle, you’ll have to use lighter clutch spring, or add an Easyclutch system. But then it will reduce the cable course.

thank you…I think I may just work on my Popeye muscle!