Heightened police speed monitoring operations

Hi all, now that better weather is coming and more riders are getting out onto the roads, be very careful, a number of Police Forces including Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria are due to undertake both covert and overt operations to target motorcyclists speeding and other road traffic offences. There are unmarked Mercedes, BMW, and Skoda high performance Cars amongst others to target speeding motorcyclists, also be further aware that a number of high performance motorcycles are also being used by the Police, if you are group riding of 2 or more and suddenly a BMW S100rr suddenly joins the group be cautious in all likelihood it will be a Police Officer who has front/rear cameras, also being used are a number of adventure bikes such as the KTM Superduke, the unmarked cars are already in operation on roads leading to popular meeting places like Devils Bridge in Kirkby Lonsdale. There are also speed camera vans and units with hand held devices, the locations are not being pre disclosed, therefore no media information as was previously the case. Some Police Officers have taken it upon themselves (unofficially) to place false warnings of a speed camera/police presence onto Waze. Whilst we are all law abiding people on the forum, a spirited ride can lead to points and fines not insignificant amounts when you think of the fine, costs and victim surcharge are all added. Ride safe all from an ageing Rocker.


Whatever you do lads and lasses, if you see these police vehicles parked up, do not be tempted to let the tyres down.

No surprise in the police tactics. Thanks for posting @Rocker it is always good to remind us of the many pit falls out there when we get on our bikes.


Another reason to avoid Devils Bridge :smiley:
If they really wanted to slow folk down all they need do is park a traffic car in a lay-by. Unmarked vehicles are cheating.


And in the mean time, E Scooters continue to rip about the town, cyclists speed along the pavement, against red lights and contra flow in one way streets.


I’m joining the police if they’re gonna pay me to speed about on a superduke… win-win :grin:

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Thanks for the heads-up, Rocker. The police may be updating Waze but people can also flag that there’s no presence as they go past, so the rozzas will be kept busy if they try to pursue a disinformation campaign.

I’ve changed the title to help people browsing the forum understand what the thread is about…

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Thank’s Octoberon, I forgot about the “no presence flag”, it’s really helpful to see the “false flags”, and get a better insight into how many idiots are posting them. Thank’s again.

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Ah but you have to have a serious criminal record to join, or is that just the MET, so I guess that rules all forum members out, as an aside I don’t ever recall any 1% club member being pulled in for speeding or other road traffic violations.

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I just never ever dreamed I’d ever see “high performance” and Skoda in the same sentence. :flushed:

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It’s a VW GTI Golf with a boot and a Skoda badge :wink:

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Well people my original post outlined Police Forces intending using high performance vehicles to educate the driving/riding public regarding road safety, absolute horseradish, this article appeared in todays MCN, re North Yorkshire Police (NYP), if taken at face value the statement by NYP “the force previously struggled to engage with segments of the biking community” the newly acquired Kawasaki Ninja H2SX will hopefully allow us to do so", what a load of rubbish, if that is the real reason why purchase an unmarked 197bhp supercharged high performance machine costing £25,649, money well spent I think not.

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Someone with influence has managed to fiddle an expensive toy for him and his chums to F**K about on. Not a wise spend for the public.


The 25k is a drop in the ocean given how much they will recover using their new toy. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Really? Do you think so?

Yep. I know the money goes to central government, but I reckon the bike along with the other speed prevention measures will generate a lot more than £25.

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Plus Kawasaki’s discount for “… as long as you make it clear that our bike is the bollox in all the press media!”

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The Government reversed that, all revenue goes direct to the force, some forces justifying it by stating they are re investing in road safety partnerships etc, and lots of free lunches and expenses for attendance at these events.

Which would explain why some forces are going from overt safety camera partnership nick nick clearly marked vans to covert ones to catch as many speeders as they can