Hello from Brisbane Queensland

Hi guys, thanks for the acceptance, just purchased a 2015 Triumph America with only 3500kms on the clock, looks like new. Been riding for approx 45 years now, before this always had sports bikes but my body doesn’t bend like it used to. The America is so comfortable to ride, so loving it. Already put about 1000kms on it already in the first 3 weekends.


Welcome to the forum, Mike. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s very shiny!

Welcome to the forum :grinning:

Welcome in Mike, lovely machine :grinning:

Great to have you along, Mike. How are you getting on with the America, as quite a departure from a sports bike?

Welcome Mike and enjoy that new bike. You certainly have some nice roads for biking close by in Qld :sunglasses:

G’day Mike :sunglasses:

Hi and welcome, I like the paint scheme!

Welcome Mike :blush:

Hi and welcome….

Hi and welcome.

Welcome in Mike :slightly_smiling_face:

Ayup fella… how do? Welcome in!

Welcome mush.

Hi and welcome to the forum :sunglasses:

Welcome, bienvenue.

Do you see a lot of wombats out there in Brisbane?

Or is that Brisbane U.K. not Australia? Never mind tried to delete that post but says there is an error won’t delete.

Definitely Australia.

Probably just a user trust level thing that you couldn’t delete the post. You’ve already moved up from new to basic so lots of those initial safety restrictions are gone.

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