Hi from Bath not in the Bath

Hi Peps. Good to see a lot of familiar names appearing. It looks like good company.

I will still look at all the other forums but looking forward to some good topics.

Thank you Octoberon for setting this up.



Hi Alfie. Welcome along. I’d expect everyone to be on both for a while at least. It’s the ‘network effect’. The more people arrive, the more people will follow. Doesnt’ always work but it’s what happens, as MySpace found out when Facebook arrived.


Where in Bath, i used to live in Combe Down and Northend.

Hi Pat
On the border between Oldfield Park and Twerton (Dartmouth Avenue). It’s all student houses of mass occupation and a parking nightmare. Lots of new build in Combe Down on the old MOD site. All miniature houses for lots of money. Love Wales but hate the weather. It always rains when I cross the bridge.

Ah, my nephew lives in oldfied park, i used to live on Combe Road right by the mod place when we first came to England, more latterly i lived in Rode village. I moved to Wales 14 years ago and would never go back apart from visiting my kids who are in their 30s now and live in Frome.

Love the market in Frome, cracking place.

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Forty years ago I was at the uni, absolutely love Bath.

Was so lucky to have lived there.

Never lived there but I’m fairly familiar with it. My second favourite city and one of only two I’d consider living in. Unless you count Wells, which is just a small town with a big hat.

Hated it, couldn’t wait to get out.

Watched the rugby at The Recreation Ground a good few times.
Rode over from Winchester on occasion - nightmare traffic even on a bike!
When not riding - plenty of pre game drinking in The Salamander :smiley:

The Salamander pub is a good choice. Shame about the performance of the Bath Rugby team this season. I can remember when they used to win matches week in week out.
Bath traffic is terrible with a magic one way system where you disappear up your own exhaust when you are in the centre. The new ‘catch all’ Clean air zone is a disgrace and all areas trap you in the charging zone (cars exempt but vans are caught). At the start of the CAZ the council vehicles racked up most fines for pollution.

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