Hi from the Peoples Republic of Kernow

Firstly a big thank you to @Octoberon (Better Call Saul? :slightly_smiling_face:) for his efforts in setting this up. I’ve been concerned for a while now that our bunch of virtual friends on TTF could one day disappear in to the ether never to be found again, many thanks.

So I’m the same Col_C as found on TTF, for any new friends a few details…
I’ve been riding various Hinckley Triumphs since 1994 with only a 2 year break on a Ducati Multistrada (I soon saw the error of my ways), on which I’ve toured much of Europe up until the pandemic with wife Chris riding pillion. In the early days we travelled with a small group of friends, who we still keep in touch with, but soon found the confidence and freedom of lone touring.
Chris (SWMBO) also rides in this country but would rather pillion when abroad, she also rides Triumph, a Street Triple being the latest.


Hi Col_C. Welcome to the forum!

I know a lot of eople probably know each other right now but there’ll be others joining who won’t, so it’s still good to (re)do the introductions.

I’m always a bit envious of you beingin Cornwall. I was there for a few years, and I know the bottom part of it pretty well, and when the sun shines it’s a lovely place tobe riding. Apart from the Cornish hedges and unexpected tractors/horses/cyclists/emmetts etc.

After she passed her test, Rachel (SWMBO) rode my Street Triple 675 for a year and absolutely loved it. Now she’s got her Ducati I get to ride the old girl again (the bike!) and I’d forgotten how much fun it is.

Can’t say how it’ll go around here yet but I have a bunch of ideas so I hope people find it useful and enjoy the company of fellow members.


@Octoberon We moved down to Cornwall (near St. Ives) about 20yrs ago now, I’m sure you know the St.Just to St.Ives road - one of our regular favourites, however don’t be too envious, being a peninsular riding anywhere else in the UK is a long ride from here :smiley:.
Previously lived most our lives in the Derby-Nottingham area, it feels very busy there now when we return to visit family, however we were spoilt for choice when picking a direction for a bike ride, about the only thing I miss.

Oh yeah, I know the road, and St Just particularly well. My mum moved down to Kelynack in the early 90’s so I used to pop in to The Star when I was down. I lived in St Buryan for a couple of years, too. We had friends in St Just and around the place. You’re right about it being a long way from anywhere. That I don’t miss.

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Hi to you .

Good to see you Col_C

Back at ya Wessa. :+1: :grinning:

You too @Alfie :grinning: :+1: