Hi im Graham new to the forum aka Badger

I have just traded my Tiger 800xc which i have been riding for the past 10 years for the Tiger 900 rally pro. Only just picked it up but loving it already.
I have just purchased the Triumph expedition alloy panniers but not the top box as wanted a 58ltr which triumph dont do for the bike but they are the same as the Givi trekker outback but Givi are not listing the mouting rack for the tiger 900…has anyone had same problem.or has anyone a solution please :grin: Thanks Badger


Hi and welcome Graham - I am afraid I don’t have any top box solutions for you though!!

Welcome Badger :grinning:

Welcome in Badger, enjoy the forum

Greetings from Lincolnshire.

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Welcome to the forum, Badger.

Hi Badger and welcome in :sunglasses:

Welcome along badger

Sorry can’t help with your question but welcome to the forum.

Welcome in fella, but sorry, no answer for you

Hello badger. Best forum on the net.

Try contacting Givi customer service, they’ve been fairly helpful for my topbox shannanigans


Welcome to the forum, Badger. Most people will probably see your post in this section but it may be worth asking in the area for Tigers as well.

Welcome to the forum and enjoy the new Tiger

I thought all plates were the same regardless of the box size?

Hi and welcome…

Hi Badger, welcome to the forum :+1:

I also recently purchased a Tiger 900 Rally Pro and went for the Trekker panniers - 33 and 46 litres. Both can double up as a top box and fit to the standard Triumph sliding carriage, so I would assume that the larger Trekker box would also fit.

One thing I had noticed though is that both the 33 and 46 litre boxes have a maximum load capacity of 5kg, so I’m not sure the larger box would offer much benefit if it has the same restriction.


Hi there badger! Welcome in!

Funny that, I was looking at a street scrambler in the dealers and it had the seat fitted where the rear part was a luggage rack. Sticker on it saying 3kg max! How? When it was the standard seat ot could support a whole person? :thinking:

Welcome aboard Badger :sunglasses:

Use the universal rack?