Horrible horribles

I think someone should write to Triumph

And tell them to put them in the crusher?

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Are Ikea selling Triumphs now?

Could have been worst… 3 wheels. :laughing:
All wrong from the bike design down to the clothes of the “engineers” :sweat_smile:

Is there a motorcycle equivalent of the RSPCA? :rage:

I think they’ve watched the running man or something

I think there are some more volunteers to be culled to help the gene pool.

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I think I know what these people are looking for : A car

Tried watching the video but give up. Felt I was mocking the afflicted :smile:
Pack of inbreds!

honestly I find this interesting. That remind me about the Peraves Ecomobile

Some years ago (in the 2000s) I met one of the blokes who was involved in designed/built/related to the Quasar two wheeled car things. They never caught on during the 1980s


There was no inkling from him that they wouldn’t take over the world. He was convinced that every biker would accept how great they are once they had tried one. I refused to even get in it, let alone actually ride in the stupid thing.
There’s no bloody way they are worth £15k plus, more like £1.50…
He was as mad as a box of frogs so I just nodded, it was easier. Good grief…all of them, no matter what design, are stupid. And that’s that, so there…


The original QUASAR was actually a very proficient vehicle and all of the tests of the era that I can recall were overwhelmingly impressed by the handling and practicality of the machine.


I wouldn’t mind having a try - the concept is fundamentally sound - low CoG; light with excellent power to weight; hub centre steering, etc. I recall seeing one at a major show and was impressed with the overall build quality.

Good enough for Phil READ…

You’re just being silly now.

When you feel the urge to act silly, just pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and ask yourself… :stuck_out_tongue:

Top Gear 1988, FF(feet first) bikes on show asking if they were the answer to the decline in the motorcycle industry.

How the presentation style of Top Gear has changed. :laughing:

In an accident I’ll take my chances rather than being strapped in to one of those things thank you.

Would be amusing if the outrigger wheels malfunctioned too. :joy:

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This is a real diamond in the rough, this guy is fantastic and builds great bikes.

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Diamond Yep, great bloke. Great builds and great videos. Enjoy them all. :slightly_smiling_face: