How much !?

2nd hand prices have definitely skyrocketed

Probably the going rate for a low mileage one but nearly 40k on the clock! Price should start with a 3. What a bike though, wicked induction noise.

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Not unexpected from TOTAL - you will invariably see top shelf prices and often for not-so-top-shelf items.

This is, realistically, at least 5 to 7 hundred pounds over-priced.

Caveat emptor.

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Mine has 25k miles and I paid about £4000 for it about ten years ago. Needs a bit of TLC but nothing too major. I’ve always said I wouldn’t bother trading it in when I get another naked bike (tried the Indian FTR last weekend - write-up to come) but perhaps I should, or sell it privately.

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18 months ago I paid a little over 4k for my 2013 T100 with just 8k on it and 9 stamps in the book and that was including delivery to South West Wales from a Triumph dealer up north. Recently I was offered £3750 in Px against a new bike, which I was not interested in as this Bonneville will almost certainly be my last bike.