HS2 (weird added on bit because my title was too short)

Seriously, so much money… what’s the jeffin point?



I haven’t followed this or know much about it at all, but my guess is there are probably a lot of companies involved that just so happen to be friends, relatives, of the powers that be. Fancy that eh.

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Two posts in a row. Are you having a bad day, mate? :wink:

Look at the money involved…
Over 100 billion now… That’s roughly £1500 per person in the U.K. (assuming costs don’t rise)
How much of that (In benefit)will we actually see?

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I thought (hoped) the pandemic would have put an end to this white elephant. It proved folk don’t have to travel for work everyday, depending on the job obviously. Strange how it’s the Northern bits being delayed!
Is everything going to be miraculously cheaper in two years time? I think not, baby puppy!
Money in the pockets of Tory cronies again

Pure vanity project, just to get folk up to the north 20 minutes quicker than they can now.

  1. They’re not going to end up building loads of it.
  2. Why don’t people just get up 20 mins earlier?
  3. It’s probably cheaper to fly.

This was so obviously going to be a money pit from the start. Too many Tory donors with their noses in the trough to stop it now. And they say they can’t afford to pay for the NHS. It raises one’s urine to boiling point.

I suppose the “money men” who really run the country will be lining their pockets with all the civil engineering contracts and all the other spin offs. That’s where all the billions are going to end up. At this point I wish to point out that I am NOT nor ever have been a commie.

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The wicked flee when no man pursueth… :slightly_smiling_face:

My father once described me as “Red as a monkeys arse” I am not a communist, I am a socialist.

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And you have a red arse…? Blimey.

Yes, yes i do :ok_hand:t3:

Not just Tories, I wager, I’m sure some of Mr. Starmer’s chums have their snouts in the trough as well. And it will be interesting when we find out who is the driving force behind SERCO, the outfit procuring hotels for the channel rubber boat people.


I tried to ignore this thread because HS2 just winds me up, but…
I live in an area that will see no benefit but is seeing the destruction of habitat and waste of money. We have a wildlife reserve that I visit frequently, a few years ago HS2 destruction started by moving an electricity pylon, they wrecked a huge area and closed off the footpath meaning a 20min diversion. That lasted a year, then more of them moved in and wrecked all the hedges in the area where I used to watch wildlife. Now for the last year maybe more they’ve moved earth from one side of the footpath to the other side. They have fencing across the footpath to stop us getting crushed by their dumper trucks and it is manned by 2 people, who open the fence as we arrive and close it when we pass…! I’m sure they must do other things but they can’t move far because they have to man the fence for us! As my grandfather was fond of saying “any fool can spend other peoples money”.
They have wrecked the country roads around here, they randomly close off roads and footpaths but they’ve built a beautiful 2 lane highway only for them to move the rubble etc off the site. aargh…
They’ve blocked off a footpath I use last summer and it is scheduled to be closed until spring 2024…
My local wildlife trust believes that HS2’s estimate of wildlife destruction has been underestimated and has asked the government to halt the destruction until it is understood… details here if interested https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/hs2-sign-our-open-letter?utm_source=Wilder+Future+Campaign+Newsletter&utm_campaign=48ec3e5659-WF_ENEWS_JUNE_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9036c9bc7a-48ec3e5659-150615459

From memory l think Serco is run by the brother of some tory MP. They did pretty well out of Covid, too :wink:

PS it was Rupert Soames, now retired. Think he’s some relative of Winston Churchill too. Plus ça change…

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As I understand it, the projects have been let on a “cost plus” contract. So essentially, the more money the contractors spend, the more they get paid . Hence they are looking for more variations throughout the job to bump up their costs and profits.
It’s a crock of Shite the whole thing .

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…for those who may be interested, a quick read about Serco here

The MP l referred to earlier was Nicholas Soames, brother to Rupert, grandson of Churchill, now Lord Soames courtesy of Boris Johnson. ISTR some family link also with the woman who made a total clusterfuck of test and trace. Forgotten her name. I’m afraid Paul, snouts in troughs tend to belong to Tory bluebloods…:confused:

Hang the lot of 'em.

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You commie bugger!!! :scream:


Morning, did you call?