Hydrogen might yet save us from electric motors

Most my working life in the oil & gas exploration business so a bit biased. 5 years retired now so out of touch, new technologies always developing.


Most interesting. If hydrogen turns out to be abundent and, as it already seems, rare earth minerals are not, this could be the proverbial game changer.

Clearly there will be some engineering hurdles to evercome if they’re to mine hydrogen economically. For a start they’ll have to stop the rigs floating away.

And @Hubaxe will be pleased, France could have their own “North Sea Oil Bonanza”.

Fascinating article shows how simple my mind is I didn’t even know different colours of hydrogen existed

And the ITER tokamak. It’s part of their grand plan, I reckon.

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As some TV advertisement said in 1974 “En France on a pas de pétrole, mais on a des idées” :sweat_smile: