I am sailing

Just pulled up at Portsmouth harbour for tonight’s sailing to Santander. By accident l discovered that the Santander route was now running all year round, so it seems only reasonable to support it. I’m in the car of course, but just seen three riders pitch up. And why not? Weekend forecast is all sun, around 20 degrees. That’ll do nicely. Hopefully cool enough now to get walking in the hills. Ship is the Galicia, only been in service three years or so, ought to be nice. Keep you posted :slightly_smiling_face:


Last time we went that way we saw dolphins and a whale in the Bay of Biscay. But the wife was more excited when she won the Bingo on board…
Have fun !

NOT jealous at all. :roll_eyes:
Hopefully we’ll be “supporting” the route from Plymouth a couple of times next year (on 2 wheels). Been 5 years now since our last.
Have a great time!
(no photos - didn’t happen :wink:)

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Well, first impressions are very good. Aisles are wider than Pont Aven, no banging cases. Our 4 berth cabin (all that was available) has both UK and Euro sockets, USB charge points and a telly. Even our inside cabin has a window! :smile: We think bunks are wider too, prob 6" or so
Ferry is a U turn deck, drive down one side, turn at the far end and be ready for disembarkation.l think l’d deffo try to get this ship in future.


Oh, and the fare includes a free three course dinner for both of us each way :slightly_smiling_face:


Pompey looks quite groovy of a night…


Fantastic Alan, have a great trip :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow what a difference in opinion of the same ship. I went out on this one in the summer, I thought it was naff, expensive bar, no shop to buy water/snacks/newspaper (had to buy water at the bar) only a duty-free shop with limited choices. It felt like there was very little to do for a day on board and there were not enough chairs on deck, so turn your back and yours disappeared. Nevertheless, enjoy your trip.

Yes, a bit more limited in facilities but we tend to be largely self cater because of my wife being coeliac. Coffee’s nice, two plus a pain au chocolat was six nicker. Less than l might pay at Costa. Better coffee too.
You can feel a difference in stability, although maybe we have a bit more movement later in the year anyway. Sun’s out, should get a bit of fresh air :crossed_fingers:

Yeah, I learnt about self-catering the hard way… On the way back via caen (Pont Aven) we took onboard snacks and water even though we were on the bike. On the trip out the sea was very calm, a few white horses in the bay of Biscay but nothing to worry about, I suspect it’s a bit more entertaining at this time of year. I’ve been very impressed with modern ferries stability, they turn on those gyros and the roll just drops off not had kids throwing up in front of me for years!

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Well, we’re here, had a bit to eat and it’s still warm enough to have all the windows open. Looks like 23 tomorrow afto…
BTW, self catering isn’t always a picnic :smile::face_vomiting:


Well, actually now l’m walking. Took Rosita’s cousin for a stroll around the local reservoir, most full it’s been in at least eight years. Just about normal again.

At the opposite end of the bridge to the car park is the Moli l’Abad. They do light lunches :smile:


That reservoir looks a lot fuller than the ones Steve and I encountered in September.

Last night I got this text …!
We are now able to use a hose pipe again …!

Hello. Our hosepipe ban has now ended. Thank you for being brilliant at saving water - please keep up the good work to help water sources and rivers. See more at Water restrictions | Help | Thames Water

Mainly because you can’t see most of it…

I noticed the reservoir near me is slightly fuller than this time last week. That’s the first time since the summer that I’ve gone past and it’s not been emptier. Still lower than I’ve seen it in the last 16 years, mind.

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