Ian Cater - Motorcycle art

I thought there was a thread/post about Ian Cater’s work but I can’t find it. Anyway, here’s a recent painting. He’s on Twitter as @motorcycleartuk.


Very good. Not on Twitter so I won’t bother trying to look, but I don’t see anything in that picture that is any better than the work done by our very own @iron

Two excellent artists is just better for everyone. :smile:

I think you saw the thread I was putting together on the ‘other place’ about motorcycle art. Maybe that whole thread can be transferred somewhow?
And thanks @Dawsy, appreciated, it really is :slightly_smiling_face:

You can copy/paste. It might take a bit of fiddling afterwards. I’ve done it before but not for ages so I can’t remember how much tweaking was required. Not that much, I don’t think.

Or send me the URL and I’ll copy it. All part of the service. :grin:

I think this is the URL (eh?)

Thanks. They still have those old-fashioned pages on TTF so it’ll be a multi-stage process. Might just pull over content from members of TMF to avoid being overly cheeky.

I’ll do it after work with a fresh cuppa and a laptop.


That’s a little ironic :rofl:

Well there was a good reason - it wasn’t on this site. :laughing: