In days of old when magic filled the air

Found some pictures of builds of long ago

My Rocket 3 of around 1978. Used to see off Norton fastbacks and Honda 750s. It was light pink with yellow fish scales and a purple seat. Cor…

Rubbish Yam XS750 built chop that dropped a valve on the way home from it’s first MOT. The 650 Yam in the background on the drive made a much better all round custom bike.

The open primary ripped the ends of of trousers causing heart attacks and the velocity stack sucked my knee into the carb. I gave this chop away…


I’m glad the Rocket 3 pictures are in black and white :astonished:

I found the old driveways on street view

Caravan over the spot where the BSA Rocket III stood so no old oil patches to be seen

And where the Yams were, but are the oil spots still on the drive?

Any more then and now photos?

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As bought in 66

As consigned to the garage in 71