INNOVV Third Eye


It’s installed now and IMO it’s a neat bit of kit. The rear radar unit is only 25mm in diameter so is quite unobtrusive. The brackets that came with it allowed me to fit it to one of the existing rear panel mounting points quite easily though because that wasn’t vertical or horizontal it means the scale on the side of the unit for setting the angle is out of kilter but a spirit level on my phone sorted that out.

There’s enough cable supplied to be able to fit the indicator units by my TFT and put the control unit under my seat, but if I wanted to put them on the mirrors themselves I might have had to relocate the control unit by the battery somewhere, but there’s loads of cable available for the rear sensor I didn’t use so it wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve put the indicator units either side of my TFT for now as reading reviews online having them in your direct eyeline seems the preferred position. You only need an earth and a switched live to power it which is unusual as often you need to run a seperate positive lead to the battery too. As the view behind through the mirrors isn’t as good as it was on the GS I think it’s a useful safety aid to have.

If you’re interested in one go direct to the INNOVV uk site and use the code carl10 from the YouTube channel “Just the way it is” to get 10% off

Here’s some photos


Nice neat job Ade. :+1:

Thanks Steve,

It took longer than it could have done as I faffed around deciding where to put it, but that’s half the fun (to me anyway as an ex engineer) I wanted it to be as unobtrusive as possible and routing the wires and mounting the rsdar sensor took most of the time. The actual kit is very well made and is all aluminium

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Agreed - I’ve got the INNOV K3 dual camera’s on my Speed Triple, and they’re great.

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Had a bit of a tidy up of the electrics today under the seat and moved the INNOVV displays on to the top of the TFT security bracket to bring them more into my eyeline. The sound is quite difficult to switch on and off and I had to use a fingernail to do it (default is on) so I contacted INNOVV to see it this was normal. Apparently it is because of thr need to make the units waterproof and they offered to change them for the latest ones as they keep the sound on/off settings until you change them manually but as the system took some time to fit I think I’ll stick with the current unit.


Neat workmanship Ade although it’s a bland dashboard on ur bike

It’s like me, not switched on …


When I installed my bike cam, horn and aux lights I reused the wiring harness I’d made up for the GS, but it was longer than I needed as the GS is physically bigger than the RS is so I also had the side panels off the tank and rerouted and shortened that too while I was at it as although it would only be me that noticed it it wasn’t as neat and tidy as I wanted.

Got me thinking Just got a load of ambulance lights white blue and rear door cameras and leads. Been selling them on eBay but you could have fitted a second set if it allows!

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