Intercom recommendations?

I probably agree with you but it is more costly. Also it depends what you want from the unit. My Freecom 4 has radio and music which I never use because we are a group of solo riders and the commentary as we ride is not only entertaining but useful for road condition warnings from those leading.

One of the best features on my unit is the ability to store and call a favourite number very easily. So if you do get out of range, didn’t make it through the traffic lights. Rapid taps on the rear button will phone your favourite number. Very useful.

Good point not previously mentioned. :+1:

SWMBO and I both have intercoms (Senna fitted in our Shoei GTair2’s). Previously had old Cardo Q3’s, not much to chose between them. The in-built Senna’s are nice with no sticky-out bits but OTT££ and non transferable if we change helmets.
I’ve set up the speed dial on our comms and means no limit on range - as long as there’s a mobile signal, and with no limit on phone minutes contracts doesn’t cost. Likely would be different when touring Europe, but SWBO will be pillion-ing then so no range issues.

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No wheelies then…


Only time I’ve pulled a wheelie was when SWMBO was on the back. Might have something to do with weight distribution - but I didn’t say that.
(and she doesn’t do forums) :sweat_smile:

Cardo are starting the subscription lark so despite my view on the technical performance/features of their units I will not buy another Cardo if they persist in this daylight robbery.


Let them know. Most people here probably aren’t on twitter but it’s a great way to get your opinion in front of the company. It’s unlikely to trend but it may rattle a few people at Cardo if they see a significant backlash.

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I would hope that bikers have a little bit more determination than shall we say normal “sheep” and are more likely to avoid being ripped off in this way. I hope. I use an Interphone myself which is probably about one third the price of a Cardo but does it’s job well.

You’d think so, and the poll certainly corroborates that, which makes me wonder what the thinking is in the meetings where they decide to take this strategy. It’ll cost them to build that infrastructure so it isn’t a decision taken lightly. I have an Interphone at the moment but the charging port is really dodgy so I’m looking to change.