Intercom recommendations?

Hi All, my interphone intercom is a little long in the tooth (guessing approx 12years old) and its been absolutely phenomenal. Battery life is no longer.
Do you have any recommendations on a new duo system (yes i do want to hear the missus, shes much wiser and talks less crap than me) sometimes i even want to converse with mates, not often though.


We use Cardo Freecom 2+. Good quality, and works well. Up to half a mile connection.

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Thank you, just been looking at Cardo systems. Edge or Bold cant remember which one now, anyway the newer model. They look good!

I’m really pleased with my Sena 50R Mesh (not removable) and I bought a dual pack on offer from Sportsbikeshop just over a year ago, just in case Mrs B ever decides to ride pillion again. :thinking:

I’ve also got a removable Sena 20S for my other helmets but it sits lower with a clamp that keeps hitting my shoulder when I turn my head. :roll_eyes:

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Thank you. Theres so much choice. I review via YouTube, as with anything of that nature, my thoughts always stray to. Were you sponsored, can i trust the review. Etc.

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Whatever the manufacturers claim for range, halve it to be more realistic. In our small riding group we have a mixture of Cardo units, Freecom 4 and Packtalk Bold. A bit of a pain connecting all together as the Packtalks need to be in Bluetooth mode, not mesh. But overall go Cardo rather than Sena.

What’s your preference for Cardo based on?

Personal experience of the Cardo Freecom 4 that one of my sons and I use together with the Packtalk Bold that one of my other son and his mate have. Battery longevity has never been a problem. Sound quality is good with the standard speakers but there are the JBL speakers which, I don’t have, that are even better

My reticence with Sena is that they were said not to be entirely waterproof.

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I’ve also heard that sena don’t play nicely with other manufacturer’s devices also.
Not from personal experience mind but from a sales person perspective who sold them (and also other makes) when i was also looking to upgrade the interphone f3 i had.

Having mentioned that I have 2 different Sena intercoms, I know they are not rated as waterproof but I have never had any issues and have been caught out in hours of wet motorway weather. The USB charging ports have rubber covers so there’s obviously an attempt at water resistance.

Battery life wise, I have managed 5-6 hours with battery to spare on on the 50R and we either use Bluetooth or Mesh on group rides, depending on what others have (mostly Sena).

I used to have a 2020 BMW F900XR with TFT and the Sena integration was good so calls and music could be controlled on the display.

At the end of the day, it’s all down to personal preference I guess. :grinning:



I’ve a Sena/shoei built in job. But its my only intercom experience so can’t compare rendering my words useless :joy:
Great bit of kit if a little confusing if you delve in the settings. Long days were no problem with intercom permanently on, sat nav instructions paired with tomtom were very good as you just hit a button on tomtom to turn voice off and on (almost always off)!
Waterproof, absolutely! Hours of torrential rain done but it is built into the lid so not very exposed. Realistic range, on twisty mountain roads with high rock faces, a couple of hundred yards maybe. On open country, over half a mile.

Same here. One of ours doesn’t charge properly. I also need something that will connect to Bluetooth earphones, if such a thing exists.

Have you tried shouting?

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I don’t want to encourage her to shout at me. :smile:

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Don’t suppose she needs much encouragement :joy:

And that’s why every intercom has a mute button. :grin:

Ignoring is free too :wink:

In my experience that just leads to more shouting. :grinning:

Eh? :hear_with_hearing_aid:t4: :love_you_gesture:t4:

:crossed_fingers:t3: :point_up_2:t3: :ok_hand:t3:

Thanks to all for your views/experiences. As stated previously we have interphone and they have been excellent especially given how many years weve had them. I just needed to hear real world experiences. Mesh seems to be the way to go?