Internet and all that jazz

Adblock Plus works well for me.

I use uBlock Origin though for some reason it doesn’t block the ads that appear in Google’s search results, don’t see them anywhere else though. (I’ve blocked Google searches ads using another method that’s too technical for here).

BTW, whatever you install, make sure you get the correct plug-in from the Chome/Firefox store (depending on the browser you use), I bet there are knock-offs that are designed to look similar and trick you to install them.


Startpage uses Google’s search engine but anonymises the request (so Goggle doesn’t know it’s you) and doesn’t return ads. There’s a plug-in for browsers.

One thing I like about Ghostery is a recent feature they added that automatically deals with the cookie consent page. For most sites it automatically rejects everything with no need to do anything.

Sounds useful, but that’ll mean trusting another company with my search data, better to stick with the devil I know. (I use an Android phone, so Google already has me in it’s grips.)

Another useful plug-in :slight_smile: thanks for the tips. Though personally, I’d rather click the cookie pop-ups myself rather than let another company have it’s mitts on my web browser.

Many thanks, chaps! I’ll have a look at those and try to come up with a decision that resolves my angst!


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