Internet and all that jazz

I’m sick of forking out a three figure sum to Virgin every month. Been with them since they were Diamond Cable, and they’re having my leg up. Another £15 pm increase coming April 1st, appropriately. Who can I change to? Been looking at Cuckoo, cheap and cheerful, no TV package or phone but that’s no odds to me. Anyone got any input on the mainstream players, like BT & Sky? :slightly_smiling_face:

Had BT for about a year now after sky tried to have our pants down again, 40% cheaper for us, we use our daughters Netflix and her boyfriends amazon prime, bt are better imop.

I kicked Sky out a while back after 16 years. They seemed genuinely perplexed that I didn’t want to pay them any more. I don’t watch much tv so it just wasn’t worth it. BT I won’t give money to for anything if I can help it.

We’ve got a Roku device and, in addition to the ‘terrestrial’ channels, we subscribe to Netflix, Amazon and Disney. Still cheaper than Sky. I want to add Paramount+ but I could live without Amazon and Netflix, Oh, I have a Dorna subscription too, for the bikes.

I have my broadband separately with Zen because they’ve long had a great reputation. Not the cheapest but I’m happy with them.


I see Netflix are finally doing something about account sharing now that they’re losing subscribers and making less than a squillion pounds a month. Most likely they’ll add a surcharge for additional households rather than cut them off and annoy a large proportion of their customer base.

Yeah my main stumbling block is the terrestrial channels for the wife. Left to me l wouldn’t even have a tv license, Neflix, Prime and Youtube could keep me going. Something like Roku or Netgem might do me there :slightly_smiling_face:

She gave up her gaff to travel the world so they’re both registered at our address, but they pay the subs.

I’m not sure how they work out who’s not in the same house and who’s just out using a mobile device.

I’m with Virgin for broadband only and they do keep putting the price up mid contract. However, I threaten to leave when the contract comes up for renewal and they usually match the other the other ISPs. I’m paying £36.00 per month at the mo but will be up for renewal in the next few months.

I do also have a backup THREE 4G router for £22.00 per month and that gives me 30+ GB on a good day. Good enough for working at home, Netflix, Disney+, etc.

Just dug up my old Firestick for a bit of a look. Strewth, it’s like dial up… :sleeping: :sleeping:

I’ve got BT halo 1 fibre, 40mb with unlimited calls for SWMBO and BT tv for me with their recorder box thing and BT sport inc HD for £80 a month.

We’ve also got sim only mobiles with them but they’re trying to switch everyone to EE now (same network) which I’m not doing as EE charge fir data roaming and calls from abroad but BT mobile don’t.

Just seen this article.

“To ensure that a Netflix account is not being shared outside of the household where it is registered, the trial requires users to connect their viewing device – such as a TV, mobile phone or tablet – to the wifi in their home, open the Netflix app and watch something on the streaming service at least once every 31 days.”

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Same here, been with them about 15 years now.

I use Sky. 1/2 gig broadband, tv: Netflix, Movies, Paramount etc except sports, £69 a month.

I’m with BT and pay £24 per month for something like 63Mb speed. I won’t pay for any TV as it’s all rubbish so it’s freeview only for us. However, there are ways and means to obtain any film or series, not that I would do that or condone it. Just saying you can if you want to.

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I use virgin for the bb (can’t get rid of the ridiculous phoneline charge ffs) because its just crap without and sky q. Got rid of sports when motogp stopped in nov but the thieving barstewards want £28 for bt spurt to be added? I expect a couple of hrs with suzi p beforehand at that price to let her know (imho) ho annoying she is … (as long as she does not talk about bikes)

Another one here on BT.
Quite rural and for years could only manage 2mb on copper, then a few years ago Openreach started stringing fibre on the poles. FTTP was the only option if making use of the fibre and at the time BT was the only provider. (I probably have more options now)
Not cheap as I’m in to £3fig, but that includes quite a lot. I’m on Halo3 which includes phone, router at 500mb, another box giving auto 4g backup should the local farmer take out a pole/cable (yet again) and 3x wifi extender discs (essential in a granit cottage).
We also have BTtv with Netflix, Sky cinema and progs.
Plus 2 mobile phone contracts in the package.
I’ve changed BTsport to monthly contract to just cover Motogp (I hate sponsoring poofball, …but it’s almost a full year of bikes now anyway!). The good news is that after a few years of BT dropping Eurosport they’ve recently reinstated it, so good for WSBK too and I can now cancel my Eurosport streaming renewal.
I’ve mostly found BT customer service to be fairly good, but their multitude of packages makes for hard work getting what you actually want. And beware when they’re quoting your monthly charge (for a long term contract), they tend “forget” to include the cost of any short term monthly add-ons you select.

It’s the broadband that’s overpriced IMO… I need to check my options now that (I think) more companies are doing FTTP here.


120mb fibre
Sky Q HD (horrific menu on new box)
netflix 4K
£56 month

A question for the tech-literate out there - that’s probably everybody bar me, then!

My laptop crashed, big time, a couple of weeks ago and I’ve just got it back from the repair shop with as much data as possible restored onto a brand new SSD.

I’m a very lazy user - the machine (a fairly old Medion Akoya) is used predominantly for email; the 3 motorcycle forums I inhabit; photo storage, and web browsing/shopping - and I completely failed to record the various configuration data (passwords, etc.) I’d been using for what seems like an age and a day. It’s been a bit of a PITA getting back to where I was with the forums but I think I’m pretty much back to speed now … however, what I can’t seem to get back is whatever ad blocker I was running before and the ads and pop-ups are driving me to distraction! I’m fairly sure that I had some free antivirus and ad block installed prior to the crash but I can’t remember what it was or from where it came.

Sooooo… anybody out there with a recommendation for a freeware ad blocker that doesn’t itself bombard the system with ads (That’s ‘Ad Blocker Plus’!) and/or anti-virus (perhaps not so important as the WIndows anti virus seems to be pretty good?) please?

Thanks in advance for any/all recommendations!



I use AdBlock Plus and don’t get nagged by it so that would still be my recommendation. I also run Ghostery, which is good for stopping trackers. On Windows I run AVG though I rarely use that OS these I do manual scans with the free version.

Get yourself a password manager if you don’t have one. I use SafeInCloud, which is free.

I use the same as @Octoberon does (except the password manager) and its definitely a thumbs-up