Irish Road Racing

All Irish road racing has been cancelled for 2023, this is due to soaring insurance costs, public liability insurance has been quoted at £400,000, therefore no NW200, Tandragee 100, Cookstown 100, UGP amongst others. This is a huge blow for everyone involved in Irish road racing and local economies. I understand that trials and motocross events are not affected. I hope things improve for 2024, however for this year it is bleak. Ride safe all from an ageing Rocker.

That is a real shame. So many businesses and people impacted. Let’s hope they can sort it for 2024….

That’s the problem with free racing, you can’t pass the cost on to the spectators. At least with the IOM TT I would imagine the authorities would sort something out as the racing is worth so much to the island. At least I hope so.

On a more positive note slick tyres are allowed at this years TT for a number of classes, who previously had to run road legal race tyres, i.e. Supercorsa’s and Racetech’s. Will the S100 and MGP follow the same route

Isle of Man TT Races© - Technical Director Dave Hagen explains…technical tweaks for tt 2023 (

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Looks like its back on for 2023


Yes this is great news, I read about it in MCN on Wednesday.

NW200 is confirmed now :grinning::+1:

Great news :clap:

@Andyc1 have you seen this?

Oh yes… happy days :grin:

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