Is MotoGP tech going too far? [Motorsport]

“Before, everything was more manual – it’s easier now,” says Marc Márquez.
MM must be getting old, VR was saying that 10 years ago.
Surely they’re not agreeing on something? :astonished:

Nah that will never happen lol

So if a rider can’t make a difference, then wouldn’t it be a one-two for ducati? But Miller finished 5th while his teammate Bagnaia finished champion? Quartararo finished 2nd and his teammate Morbidelli finished 19th… I know riders fall etc, but F1 is so often closer between teammates and I’d definitely say the drivers can’t make much difference (btw 2022 may be different in F1 as I haven’t watched a single race this year). I’d like less tech in motogp so that it really shows up a good rider, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near as bad a F1.
Trouble is you can’t manufacture close results when you get a great rider on the best bike, that’s been the same forever.

More seriously -
Is tech making the racing less exciting - Yes
Does tech give advantage to those with less natural talent - Yes
Is Gigi stretching the point by saying the tech is relevant to road bikes - Yes

Good aero for road bikes would keep the rider (& pillion) free from wind noise, buffeting, engine heat and stay dry. None of these are high priority on a Motogp bike, or indeed by manufacturers of many road bikes. Down force aero is largely irrelevant on a road bike at legal speeds.
Ride height devices have some potential for road bikes that are too tall for many riders. Bizarrely H-D (known for their cutting edge tech - NOT) are the only manufacturer to my knowledge using such tech on their Pan America, and they didn’t need to go gp racing to develop it.

However if the rules of Motogp are such that the manufacturers see little benefit in participating then they will take the same route as Kawasaki, Suzuki - and who’s next I wonder?


They could start by banning the aero wings which make following closely so difficult because of the dirty air they produce. They also look terrible!

This is effectively what F1 did for 2022 when they reintroduced ground-effect, allowing following cars to stay close without losing all their grip and destroying their tyres.

Top level motorsport has never been all about the driver/rider though, it’s always been about the machine/team/driver(rider) - in that order.

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I agree about the wings, but don’t see it happening any time soon, the genie is out the bottle.
No idea about F1, lost all interest in it years ago.
Not sure about machine/team/rider when talking about 2 wheels, Wattie’s comments tend to disprove your order. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m also inclined to reverse the order, rider is most important but he must have a good crew chief and at least a reasonable bike, in other words it’s a much closer, more complicated relationship.
Yamaha were nowhere, then VR & JB fixed it almost instantly, couldn’t do it at Ducati though.
Ducati were nowhere once they lost Stoner’s incredible talent, it took a few years of Gigi’s engineering talent and a change to the modern riding style to fix that one.
And to contradict my earlier opinion that tech levels the field, look at Quarteraro or Marquez, both on substandard bikes, their team mates can’t get close.
Now I’m confused. :joy:

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They could ban the wings. It would be a simple rule change. Dorms don’t think there’s anything wrong so they’re not going to, though.

It’ll take a while for it to become noticeable and frustrating that there’s less overtaking. We’ll have to see which way it goes. Anyway, there’s always superbikes.

Which are growing wings. :joy: