Italy in October

We have been invited to a wedding in Sorrento in mid October. We are intending to make this a motorcycle road trip. Probably crossing by Chunnel and down through France and crossing into Italy either Mont Blanc tunnel or preferably via Col de Petit St. Bernard. Quite late in the year for this, as the col is closed at the first sniff of snow. Return will be over the col or maybe Frejus Tunnel or even at sea level and into Monaco.

Anybody done this? Tips? Dos/don’ts?


Afraid not but it certainly sounds like fun!

Sorrento - South of Naples, that’s a long way down! I think at that time of year you can forget about the passes mate, most of them will be closed. Pity, as the Col de Petit St. Bernard is just (N) East of Bourg-Saint-Maurice, one of my favourite places to stop. The one to ask about this would be @Hubaxe .


I wouldn’t do that either - horrible place to get out of again… I’d give it a wide birth, go North of it and pick up the Route Napoleon.

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As it’s been raining all day here, I’ve been searching the web and looking at maps. The Mont Blanc Tunnel is closed from 3rd September for 3 months, so Frejus it is!

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Thanks Wim, we rode the Route Napoleon from North to South in 2009. It would be good to try it in reverse.

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No bother Paul, just my two cents - if you take that route Castellane would be great for an overnighter! Lovely square, nice restaurants. Last time I was there I had a hotel on the main square with a locked garage in which to park my bike.

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Vulpes mentioned all the important stuff. In October the passes may be problematic.
The Tunnel du Frejus can be the only option from France. It’ all motorway, so even in case of bad weather, you can ride.
If you need a stop around Aix les Bains pm


Thanks Wim and Hubert for your advice and info. Hubert, thanks for the kind offer, but it looks like Aix-les Bains is midway through one of our planned days. We might however give you a call!

As regards the Frejus Tunnel, I understand that an Allez -Retour ticket can be used, although with a 7 day validity, it leaves time to tight for us to use that. Is there any other scheme for discounting and do we have to book a time slot for passage. I can’t find any useful website that is current. Most have info up to 2021 and then pages not available.


This is where I stayed last time in Castellane. You can see the entrance to the garage on the left.

Looks perfect! Thanks. We now have another couple joining us for the ride, on a Ducati 950, so Bologna is added to the itinerary!

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@TallPaul have you done Sorrento at all? It’s one place my wife and I go on holiday. It’s leathal with traffic, blind bends, no run off areas and nob heads overtaking totally blind!! On the flip side it’s ace and bubbling with energy and seriously beautiful!! Enjoy

That place you describe is not only a town, it’s widely called “Italy” :laughing:

I’ve not been south of Pisa. That was on our first Triumph, 04 Sprint ST 955i, great bike. May 2006 and the whole of every town was panic stations! Thanks for the warning.

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