It's Fail Friday!

We have wheelie Wednesday so here’s fail Friday… inspired by a video I seen. @Littleade you’re doing it wrong :joy:
3,606 likes, 199 comments - offroadadventureriders on August 11, 2023: "Fail Friday 🫣🫣🫣 tag a friend who would definitely do this!

🎥 @entreplaniciesemontanh..."

That was an instgram reel but the link looks like it’s displaying as a picture, what am I doing wrong @Octoberon
Thats a fail on my behalf :joy:

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You’re not doing anything wrong. In order to embed reels or other Meta content I’ll need to create a developer account and register the forum with them to get an access token. It’s already on the to-do list but these things are a notorious pain in the backside so it’ll take a little while to sort out.

I’m doing this with Google at the moment which is why you can link your forum and Google accounts and log in with your Google credentials if you want to (I know, @BrownMouse , I know :grin: ). When they give me the green light for production (it’s in test right now) you’ll also be able to upload video to Youtube from the forum.
Google have quite strict rules and require all sorts of things like updates to privacy policies, authentication codes adding the domain name servers, video verification of client ID’s and all manner of stuff before the verification team give it the green light. Meta/Facebook/Instagram will be the same. :roll_eyes:


Right, well for the record it was a video of someone throwing a bucket of dirt round a GS to make it look like its been off road :joy:

Well why didnt you say so. :rofl: :rofl:

Serves you right you smart arse :rofl:

Heaven forbid…mind you it gives me an idea as my golf club has bags of sand hung up by the 1st tee for people to fill their divots in and as that’s technically “off road”… I could also suggest my local Starbucks do something similar, that’d put coffee sales through the roof…