It's Wheelie Wednesday!

Let’s make Wednesday’s special - post your best wheelies here evey week.


Don’t know about best wheelie but technically there’s about 3 or 4 wheelies before I get through the lights on this one :grin:


Not mine… but I always enjoyed this one!


That’s some bravery, that is.

If I wheelied on a Wednesday or any other day of the week at my skill level it would be cause for me to probably pee my pants in fear :rofl:.

I have watched and enjoyed this a few times though… Dougie Lampkin Wheelies Entire Isle of Man TT Course - 37.7 Miles! - YouTube


I know what you mean. You’ll notice none of my videos feature me trying to pull a decent wheelie or the ambulance arriving afterwards.

That feat of Dougie’s was amazing!


I’d like to do some skills days, a day of total beginner trials riding or something and green laning also appeals in the future to learn more about handling a bike when there is loss of traction etc.

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Yes, Rachel and I have talked about trying some green-laning. Neither of us have done it before. I’d quite like to try the trials riding too I’m a big advocate of learning how to cope at, and beyond, the limits so you’re prepared for the unexpected on the road. And I’d like to do the wheelie-school up near York. :slight_smile:

A long time ago I arranged a day at Cadwell Park at the Yamaha Race School. This was pre-internet - remember Compuserve? I was part of a bike group on there for a while. As things evolve here I have been thinking about reviving the idea of organising some events through the forum. We’re not a bike club but that doesn’t mean we can’t meet up and do things together sometimes.


I used to do a fair bit of offroading. Had a couple of 2 stroke 175s, and a Suzuki SP370 4 stroke single. Used to go to work on them in the winter, and take the short cut through the woods. Some days I didn’t even crash. Problem now is that lots of BOATS have been downgraded to bridleway or footpath, so doing it legally is no easy task in the UK. I see the occasional GS and more commonly Land Rovers etc when I’m out walking in the Peak District. TBH most of the lanes I see them on I’d consider tackling in the Passat! There are still places though, and it can certainly be fun. :slightly_smiling_face:


That is truely amazing… :grinning: :grinning:

Yep bins out today!!

You’re banned. :laughing:

Also, tomorrow is wheelie bin Thursday around here.

You said Wednesday wheelies!!! Thursday is fish n chips!!

No, Friday is fish and chips! Are you mad?

Tuono off the throttle in 2nd, third or fourth gear, 1st gear was a no no as it would flip. XT500 was a good one for wheelies too.


My superduke was the same, 4th gear still wanted to point skywards on a flat road! It sure was fun but ultimately its the reason I got rid. Couldn’t behave on it and I’m sure plod would take a dim view of triple figure speeds on one wheel :grimacing:

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And it all started with someone thinking, “Hey, Ive had a great idea…!”. Mad. Brilliant, but mad.


That is bonkers!


Yes nuts, just like the TT riders…