I've been framed!

The roadside photographer capturing people going up to Wray last month snapped this one of me. Rachel got it framed using that hessian, canvas-y material, which is why the photo looks speckled. It’s not like that really; my phone camera struggled with the texture.


Very nice picture.

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Lovely photograph!

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I got “framed” on South West Blood Bikes’ Group attendance on Saturday at Paignton Armed Forces Day - I’m the elderly short@rse nearest the camera.

We’d just finished a slow ‘outrider’ parade for the Veteran’s march along Paignton sea front - six Blood Bikes in 3 pairs doing a very slow formation ride ahead of a full military Pipe Band (I LOVE the sound of massed bagpipes!) that accompanied the marching Veterans.

It was a real privilege to do our bit to bring attention to the proud, ranked former servicemen, many with impressive service medals attesting to their history.

Thankfully it remained dry and was even occasionally sunny - something I was glad of as I’d got up at 05:15 to wash the Blood Bike following a wet and mucky ride on Friday evening! Typical - a hot, dry, sunny week and it rains just before I get a shout!