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Just to say hello as a new member. I was searching the internet for some tips on fitting a different seat to my ‘new’ Street Twin (2020 just purchased second-hand) and came across this forum and decided it would be worthwhile joining for the collective knowledge no doubt contained within. I’ve taken the plunge to buy a new ‘comfort’ seat designed for the T120/T100 and will alter it or the bike to fit. I’ll let you know how it goes! Cheers.


Hi and welcome in! Hope you enjoy your new bike.

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Hi Leo, welcome to the forum. I’m a fellow ST owner (2019), but haven’t changed the seat, so can’t help with that one.

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Welcome, the triumph comfort seat is a big improvement to the standard one!

Hi and welcome.

Welcome Leo

Welcome in!

Good to see you, Leo. Welcome. There’s no shortage of opinions around here but fortunately there’s also no shortage of experience and knowledge. :slight_smile:

If you have a pic of your ‘new’ bike and want to share it you’ll be keeping the natives happy. :grin:

Welcome to the forum :wave:

Many thanks to you all. I’II ping a picture of the bike after I’ve fitted the new seat.


Welcome to the throng

Hi and welcome….

Welcome from a former Street Cup/Twin owner.

Lovely bikes :sunglasses:

Hi and welcome to the forum from North Yorkshire

Morning Leo.
It’s good here. Nice bunch of people. Enjoy it…!

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Fitting the new Comfort seat was fairly straightforward after I removed the Torx screws holding the rear of the mudguard. I chose rubber grommets measuring 25.4mm OD, 12mm bore, 7.9mm thick from my grommet box. To prevent the grommets compressing I put four square-section M8 spring washers into the 12mm grommet bore, plus another single M8 spring washer into the recesses in the top of the mudguard. Instead of refitting the Torx bolts I used longer M6 bolts and these were carefully retightened (Loctite Threadlocker on the bolt threads). The new seat was fitted and locks into place perfectly. I only other thing I did was to cover the now partially exposed wiring on the left-hand side above the side-panel in Techflex cable wrap.


Sounds like a proper job done well :ok_hand:

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Looks very neat and effective.

Hi LeoBlue :sunglasses: